Have you recently removed an old tree from your yard? Did you leave behind the stump? If that’s the case, then you need to be ready. One issue faced by a lot of property managers and homeowners is a tree stump sprouting back after a couple of months.  

Almost every tree will keep on growing even after you have cut it down. This depends on the species. The stump will keep on growing as long as the root system stays intact.  

Though you can always chop down the tree again and again, there are other ways to stop a stump from sprouting back. This includes hiring an expert stump grinding Perth service, using chemicals, and much more. 

Hire an Expert 

Hiring an expert tree removal company is one option you can take. These experts have the experience, manpower, and tools needed to deal with tree stumps. They basically take off the burden from you.  

Utilize Chemicals 

Another option that you can take is to utilize chemicals. This does not work as fast as hiring an expert. However, almost every individual will agree that it is a lot simpler.  

This technique basically includes drilling a couple of holes deep into the stump. After creating holes, you will then fill the holes with a stump-killing chemical. Usually, you can purchase one at your local home improvement shop.  

However, before you use it, you’ve got to ensure you read properly the directions to know to use it the right way. It is just like with any chemical product.  

Grinding Out the Stump 

There are a couple of various ways to get rid of a tree stump. One of the methods you can use is to grind the stump. There are unique tools specifically made for grinding stumps. However, you’ve got to keep in mind that they are not that cheap and they are extremely difficult to utilize.  

Perhaps it is ideal to pick another option if you are not familiar with stump grinders. However, if you know how to use them, you can rent or purchase one. If you don’t normally use a stump grinder, renting one will be your best bet.  

Destroying the Stump 

If you cut down a tree and leave behind a stump, it won’t solve your problem. The reason for this is that the stump will sprout after a couple of months. Thus, leaving the stump is not a viable long-term solution. The tree will keep on growing at the stump in almost every case. However, this will not happen if you destroy the stump.  

These are simply a couple of the most popular methods to deal with a tree stump.  

To say the least, tree stumps can be a nuisance. They will harbor disease and pests, look unappealing, and take up space.  

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to get rid of them. However, the method that you’re going to choose will greatly depend on your preferences. You can either grind it, apply chemical, or hire a professional stump removal company.