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How Cold Temperatures Affect Your Windshield

Winter is not the time to ignore your windshield. This is particularly true if it has minor cracks or chips. If you already have an issue with your windshield, the cold temperatures during winter will only make it worse.  


Fortunately for you, you do not have to wait until spring to fix your windshield.  

Your windshield is excellent at managing a huge variety of temperatures. This is especially true if it is in excellent condition. The glass will contract when the weather is cold. On the other hand, it expands when the weather is warm.  

Unfortunately, you’ve got a couple of additional stresses with winter weather.  

For instance, when you warm up the interior of your vehicle, your windshield is warm on the inside but cold on the outside. This is typically not an issue if your windshield is in great shape. However, if you’ve got a crack, then you’ll need an auto glass repair Florida service.  

Aside from the regular hazards in the road, how you treat your windshield will have a major impact on whether it gets damaged. Here are a couple of actions that can damage your windshield.  

Utilizing the Wrong Wipers 

You need to utilize wipers that are specifically made for the winter season. These types of wipers are more durable. They can manage ice and snow better compared to normal wipers.  

Almost every single one of them has a durable exterior layer that will not freeze to the windshield, unlike regular wipers.  

Furthermore, winter wipers are heavier compared to regular ones. Thus, they can move snow out of your windshield.  

In addition to that, you should not utilize regular wiper fluid since it does not include a deicer, unlike winter fluid.  

Utilizing Hot Water 

A couple of car owners pour hot water over their windshields. This is particularly true if they’re in a hurry and want the ice to melt quickly.  

Unfortunately, professionals do not recommend this. Hot water can crack or shatter your auto glass. The sudden application of hot water can cause exceptional and sudden stress on the windshield. This action is particularly catastrophic if you already have minor cracks in your windshield.  

Utilizing the Wrong Tools 

You should only utilize tools made for windshields. This includes brushes and ice scrapers. Don’t utilize hammers or shovels since you might damage the glass.  

If you utilize your scraper, make sure you don’t pound or stab into the glass. It does not matter if the ice is thick. You can damage your glass easily this way. It can also make existing cracks worse.  

Utilizing Defogger or Defroster 

You’ll increase the stress on the glass if you blow hot air on the windshield. Typically, hot air is an extremely useful method to make ice scraping easier. However, it is not great if your windshield is already damaged. It will worsen the cracks and weaken the integrity of your windshield.  

If you want to avoid all of these problems, make sure you replace your windshield with a new one.  

Things to Know About Child Support

In any family law case, child support can be one aspect that is litigated heavily. Of course, this appears counter-intuitive. Most people think that a child support figure is a matter of basic calculations. However, that isn’t the case. The truth is that child support will always be based on the child’s best interest. Every other factor is considered secondarily.  

Child support cases can be extremely overwhelming and complicated. Fortunately for you, we are here to help. Aside from hiring a child support lawyer in Dallas, here are several other things you should know about it.  

What If You Can’t Afford Your Child Support Payments? 

It’s very crucial to take action right away if financial situations change. This will help you adjust your child support payments. Keep in mind that you’ve got the option to pause or lower payments if your child support payments are more than you could afford. Unfortunately, you can’t stop making payments without asking for an official change.  

Should You Still Pay Child Support Even If You Aren’t Employed Anymore? 

Since child support is determined by the income of a parent, a parent who isn’t employed is unlikely to pay child support. However, you can’t just stop making payments simply because you lost your job. An unemployed parent should instead go through the legal system of their state and ask the court for a change to the current child support contract. The court will see the change in income and accordingly change. This usually means the court will grant a temporary child support pause.  

Will You Still Be Able to Visit Your Child If You Don’t Pay Child Support? 

Oftentimes, parents wonder if they’re permitted legally to deny the visitation of their ex-partner if he/she stops paying child support. To make things simple, the answer is no. Simply because your partner breaks the rule, it does not mean you should break the rule as well. The truth is that it can lead to severe consequences if you deny visitation regardless of the situation. You’ve got to ensure you report the problem to a divorce lawyer if your ex-partner doesn’t pay child support. This will help you figure out the next move. You can bring the subject before the court if the situation is serious. With this, a judge might choose to change the visitation schedule.  

What’s the Average Child Support Payment? 

You should keep in mind that a couple of various elements determine how much you or your ex should pay in child support. There isn’t any standardized payment. Thus, figuring out the average is pretty unlikely. However, it’s useful to think about the aspects the court will evaluate when choosing a suitable payment.  

How Much Should You Pay? 

Payments for child support differ from one case to another. Thus, the amount you pay greatly varies on your income. The court will identify an appropriate child support obligation based on a couple of factors. This includes the cost of living of the child, the tax obligations of each parent, the employment status of each parent, the income of each parent, and much more.  

Thirsty Plants: Which Plants Absorb Excess Water in a Yard?

This is a no-brainer for gardeners and arborists: watering plants is not as easy as what most people think. Inadequate irrigation might result in plant death, but too much water can also drown plants especially shrubs and grass. Yes, this is correct. Plants cannot survive in excessively wet soil. In fact, they are more likely to die in a swampy environment in dry soil.  

However, there can be exceptions to this. We asked and interviewed several professionals and tree experts as well as companies and tree service Macon GAand they shared something that can help your swampy soil and area thrive. There are some plants, certain flowers, and moisture-loving trees that do a good job of soaking up some water.  

In this article, we will share with you some of these shrubs, plants, and trees which you can utilize to soak up water in marshy or muddy soil.  

There are several reasons why you get a swampy or muddy soil. Your region probably receives a lot of rainfall or it has standing water from rain runoff. Overwatering does not always induce by men and understand that. Environment-induced issues may require not mechanical resolutions, but natural solutions this time. And one of the methods to do this, as we mentioned, is to plant some trees and shrubs that can soak up water faster than any other trees and shrubs. They do not just soak water, but they also provide aesthetics to your garden or yard.  

Before we ask the question: what are these species that you want to plant, it is imperative to look for plants that are suited for your area and location. Just because we provide you here the list does not guarantee that the plants and trees will thrive give the certain quality of the area’s soil and kind of weather. To help you identify the ideal plants for your region by knowing the plant’s hardiness zone, you may visit this website.  

After visiting the website, you may refer to the list of plant species listed below: 

Water-Absorbing Shrubs 

  • Blue elderberry is good for zone 3 until zone 10 
  • American cranberrybush  
  • Spice bush is good for zone 4 until zone 9 
  • Summersweet is good for zone 4 until zone 9 
  • Inkberry is good for zone 5 until zone 9 
  • Black chokeberry is good for zone 3 until zone 8 
  • Red twig dogwood is good for zone 3 until 8 
  • Button bush 

Trees That Can Absorb Too Much Water 

There are a few trees that are able to soak up too much water and at the same time provide aesthetics to your lawn or garden, and these are the following: 

  • Ash is good for zone 3 until zone 9 
  • Oriental arborvitae is good for zone 6 until zone 11 
  • Weeping willow is good for zone 6 until zone 8 
  • Black gum is good for zones 4 until zone 9 
  • Bald cypress is good for zone 5 until zone 9 
  • White cedar is good for zone 4 until zone 8 

Plants that Can Soak Up Water 

  • Primrose is good for zone 3 until zone 8) 
  • Japanese iris is good for zone 4 until zone 9) 
  • Bee balm is good for zone 4 until zone 9 
  • Violet is good for zone 7 until zone 10 
  • Daylily is good for zone 3 until zone 11 
  • Golden club is good for zone 5 until zone 10 
  • Globeflower is good for zone 3 until zone 7 

Rather than spending some dollars for mechanical installation to prevent excessive rainfall, why not take advantage of nature’s resources in order for you to help your yard and garden to thrive amid the swampy soil.  

Installing the Split Air Conditioner on Your Own Ways

If you wanted to keep the coolness of the room without putting something to the window like the window type of air conditioner, then you need to consider the best split type one which can be attached to the walls and you don’t need to worry about the windows anymore as you can open this one properly and nicely when the weather gets cooler and you wanted to save more of your money from the electricity. Most of the commercial hvac contractor Miami would tell you about more of it when it comes to the area and the size of the room which is very common for us to ignore as we are thinking to buy an air conditioner only and that’s all. We usually make a mistake when we are talking about the horse power of the air conditioner and the possible features of it like the inverter one where you can save more money when using this one even during the summer season.  


A lot of people will say that the window type of air conditioner is easy to install but the truth here is that you can perfectly install the unit of the split type without having a hard time as long as the wall is concrete or made of the wooden wall that is strong enough for you to install something. You need to know as well the compressor part where you can put this one outside of the house but make sure that wire would be enough to reach the air conditioner inside the room. It could be a bit confusing at first, but surely, this is the easiest one to install if you are having the complete set of tools and if you don’t want to have a hard time like this, then you need to hire someone as they will be the one to help you and they can assure you of the best way to install this kind of appliance.  

Before buying this kind of air conditioner, make sure that you have the perfect place to install it or else, this one will be very useless and it is not going to be fun to have this anymore since you can experience some problems there. Of course, you might see that you need to screw the mount of it where you can put the split type air conditioner and make sure that you are going to do your very best in the installation of it or else you will be having a hard time and it is going to be very difficult for you to arrange it properly.  

Of course, another thing here is the wires that you need to assure that they are going to be properly connected to the system inside. You can follow the manual but it is very nice to consult someone who has a good and great idea about this one. Secure the compressor outside and position this one very well so that you can get no problem.  

The Etymology of The Word House

It is very astounding to think about the origins of words like wife, man, female, house, and other monosyllabic terms which remind us how a simple utterance can have such a profound history and etymology. These words are obviously ancient, and remarkably, they have undergone little changes, sometimes not at all, and this why uncovering where they came from and what process and the changes they have undergone are a bit easier when compared to other English words which have a difficult trace of evolution.  

But before we begin our task of retracing the term’s etymology, we will answer first the question, why house out of all English words?  

It was when I stumble on a website discussing the symbolisms that house has as a literary device. As what the writer said, the house is more than just a physical structure; it is a home – a preserver of memories, of which can either provide rest, familiarity and warmth or isolate you from the world and its changes. Regardless of the geography, culture, real estate, or neighborhood you have – East or West, Asian or Caucasian, Palisade CO real estate or any local real estate – we know how our house plays a major role in the shaping of our childhood memories.  

The Etymology of the Word House 

The Russian call it dom, the French call it Maison, and the Italian call it casa. And even if they sound a bit far from “house” in English, all of those referred to covering and hiding something, or putting and fitting altogether. Even the Latin word “Domus” has a similar meaning.  

The oldest form of the word that has been ever recorded is “hus” with a long vowel sound that is closely related to the English terms hut and hide. The term hut came in the English lexicon from French, which the French also got from the Old German. What makes this complicated is the final sound “s” in the present English “house.’ There are no known links between this final sound and the final sounds of Hut and Hide, but the Old Germanic word Hus. 

However, the Old Germanic family hardly lived in a place called hus, so we concluded that it must be the function and appearance of the Germanic hus that differentiate from its other counterparts like the dom of Old Slavic. And since we cannot go back to the past, all we can do is to make an assumption that the exchanges of ideas and communications between the two culture, most especially the words hus in Old Germanic and Dom in old Slavic have paved the way of what we now call House or Home, as some sort of phonetic reflexes.  

Some etymologists are seeking for other congeners oh House, and languages lie Armenian and Hittite have been proposed. However, from my perspective, the word obviously has a strong Germanic root and coinage, but should we ask if we already unravel its origin, that is a hard question to answer.