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Things to Know About Child Support

In any family law case, child support can be one aspect that is litigated heavily. Of course, this appears counter-intuitive. Most people think that a child support figure is a matter of basic calculations. However, that isn’t the case. The truth is that child support will always be based on the child’s best interest. Every other factor is considered secondarily.  

Child support cases can be extremely overwhelming and complicated. Fortunately for you, we are here to help. Aside from hiring a child support lawyer in Dallas, here are several other things you should know about it.  

What If You Can’t Afford Your Child Support Payments? 

It’s very crucial to take action right away if financial situations change. This will help you adjust your child support payments. Keep in mind that you’ve got the option to pause or lower payments if your child support payments are more than you could afford. Unfortunately, you can’t stop making payments without asking for an official change.  

Should You Still Pay Child Support Even If You Aren’t Employed Anymore? 

Since child support is determined by the income of a parent, a parent who isn’t employed is unlikely to pay child support. However, you can’t just stop making payments simply because you lost your job. An unemployed parent should instead go through the legal system of their state and ask the court for a change to the current child support contract. The court will see the change in income and accordingly change. This usually means the court will grant a temporary child support pause.  

Will You Still Be Able to Visit Your Child If You Don’t Pay Child Support? 

Oftentimes, parents wonder if they’re permitted legally to deny the visitation of their ex-partner if he/she stops paying child support. To make things simple, the answer is no. Simply because your partner breaks the rule, it does not mean you should break the rule as well. The truth is that it can lead to severe consequences if you deny visitation regardless of the situation. You’ve got to ensure you report the problem to a divorce lawyer if your ex-partner doesn’t pay child support. This will help you figure out the next move. You can bring the subject before the court if the situation is serious. With this, a judge might choose to change the visitation schedule.  

What’s the Average Child Support Payment? 

You should keep in mind that a couple of various elements determine how much you or your ex should pay in child support. There isn’t any standardized payment. Thus, figuring out the average is pretty unlikely. However, it’s useful to think about the aspects the court will evaluate when choosing a suitable payment.  

How Much Should You Pay? 

Payments for child support differ from one case to another. Thus, the amount you pay greatly varies on your income. The court will identify an appropriate child support obligation based on a couple of factors. This includes the cost of living of the child, the tax obligations of each parent, the employment status of each parent, the income of each parent, and much more.  

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